House Hiking Spots

A lot of people hide things in their house that would never be expected. For example, you can bury canning jars filled with rolled $20 bills in the garden (just make sure they don’t squeak).

Other genius hiding spots include using an old diaper as cash and jewelry storage, and building in secret drawers into furniture pieces. When choosing a spot, you’ll want it to have good cover and be mobile.

Frozen Veggies

One idea that’s been making the rounds on Facebook is to use frozen veggies as a hiding spot for chocolate and other treats in your home. The concept is simple – and kids would never think to look there for sweets!

Frozen vegetables are also convenient for busy families. They are pre-washed and chopped, which saves time on food prep. They also have a longer shelf life than fresh vegetables, which means they don’t spoil as quickly.

When it comes to frozen vegetables, choose those with no extra ingredients, such as green beans or peas. They are more nutritionally comparable to fresh options and you can add them to recipes like pastas, soups, pies, or chilis. They also make a great addition to smoothies!

Modified Xbox

Mods are content modifications made by enthusiasts that can help extend gaming experiences. However, you should know that mods may access and expose your personal data, such as your game play. They may also change how your Xbox functions.

If you have a modified (or cracked) Xbox, it can double as an excellent hiding spot. The console’s TSOP chip is re-writable and, with the right software, you can install a third-party OS on it. This is known as ‘cracking’ the Xbox and it was achieved by transferring a save game, exploiting an integer vulnerability, and installing code in the Xbox’s font files.

Keep in mind that if your Xbox has been modified, it is likely to be detected by Microsoft and could get banned permanently. It’s also not recommended to connect your Xbox to the Internet because it could be used for illegal purposes. Besides, it’s just not safe. If your Xbox is detected, you could get sued.

Glass Pantry Jars

House hiding spots for gifts like cash and jewels are best when kept in hard-to-reach areas. If you don’t want your family to find your gift, keep it in an out-of-reach place like the attic or behind a piece of furniture. If you need to hide a large present, try using an old linen hamper to conceal it and then cover it with spare bed sheets or towels. This way your family thinks you’re just storing extra clothing.

Glass jars work well as household storage since their lids can be labelled with chalk for easy identification. Pint jars are ideal for keeping organic coconut oil, pepper, and spices; quart jars work well for grains, legumes, and sauces; and gallon jars are great for bulk food storage.

Make sure to keep these jars away from silverfish, which are attracted to piles of dry goods. According to a Mooresville pest control service, they can also be used as a secret stash for gold.

Medicine Bottles

Drug users hide drugs in a variety of places. Sock drawers, the back of a desk and the corners of closets all present good hiding spots. Emptied pens, marker lids and packets of breath mints can also be used to conceal drugs or paraphernalia. Boxes of food, canvases and posters offer the opportunity to hide drugs in nooks behind them. Air vents, light switches and outlets present a plethora of nooks as well.

The medicinal bottle category is the most diverse. Literally hundreds of thousands of different bottles were produced in this category between the mid-19th and mid-20th centuries. However, there are certain trends in the shapes that can be helpful to a bottle fragment identification.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box place to stash a key, a pill bottle can make a great disguised holder. Simply glue a rock to the bottom of the bottle, and it will look like a real rock in your garden.

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