Hidden Locations in Control

Since Control takes place inside a top secret government building that is constantly shifting and leaking otherworldly energy, there’s bound to be secrets buried within its Brutalist walls. Hidden Locations reward players with Ability Points, Service Weapon or personal mods, and can help unlock achievements and trophies.

To find these hidden locations, players must first be able to use Levitate. From there they can head to a room above the Logistics Department using a hole in the ceiling.

1. The Ashtray Maze

Control is a game that stokes curiosity, upends expectations, and at every turn inspires awe. One sequence in particular, the Ashtray Maze towards the end of the story, is a true mind-bender.

It’s a set of hallways that fold, morph, and revert in front of Jesse as she dashes and levitates possessed Hiss enemies through them. The sequence also features a song called Take Control by the fictional band Old Gods of Asgard (played by real-life Finnish band Poets of the Fall).

It’s the trippiest moment in an already trippy game. Check out the video above to find out more about it. Control is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

2. The Containment Sector

During the course of Control, players earn Ability Points from completing missions and unlocking certain upgrades. These Ability Points are vital to leveling up Jesse and obtaining the Master Parautilitarian trophy.

In the Containment Sector up through Logistics, players can find quite a few hidden locations. One of these is found in the Central Research area. Look up and notice a hole in the ceiling, which players can Evade and Levitate into.

This leads to a room where the Mold Host is hiding. Kill it and the hidden location is unlocked. Several other areas also contain hidden locations in the Containment Sector. The Panopticon, where the Arctic Queen Refrigerator and Benicoff TV Objects of Power are stored, is located here as well.

3. The Oldest House

It’s only natural that a game that takes place in a top secret facility where reality is shifting and nothing makes sense would be full of secrets. Control, a supernatural thriller that sees protagonist Jesse Faden battle otherworldly forces, is full of little details that make it feel like you’re exploring an ominous and unknowable place.

From the Brutalist aesthetics of the Executive Sector to the more chaotic Research labs, there are plenty of subtle touches to find. Thankfully, many of these secrets are easy to find and reward you with Ability Points which are needed for upgrading Jesse’s abilities.

4. The Communications Department

The Communications Department is home to several secret locations, the most notable of which is Hidden Location 11. You can find it by heading to a weird room on the upper level of the Communications Department area and jumping on the cube/thing/whatever that’s closest to you. It’s a mold-infested area so you’ll need to build up immunity to it (the “Old Growth” side mission) or risk dying.

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5. The Logistics Department

Head to the Logistics Department after acquiring Levitate, but do so when you’ve reached at least the Containment Sector Clearance Level. This location contains an Ability Point, but you’ll need to levitate to reach it. Fast travel to the Logistics Department Fast Travel Point, turn around to face the map of the United States on the wall, and look up to discover a hole in the ceiling. Levitate through it to find a small office with two item boxes.

6. The Office

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Jesse Faden battles otherworldly forces in the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, and there are plenty of hidden locations to find along the way. These locations reward players with Ability Points, which are used to upgrade Jesse’s health and attacks. These locations can be found in all areas of the facility, but some require use of Levitate.

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