How to Make Hidden Storage Spaces in Your House Look Like Part of Your Home

There’s always more stuff to store than space in your house. Instead of buying a new storage unit, optimize unused areas with hidden storage spaces that look like part of the décor.

From a faux air vent to a door that hides a jewelry chest, these DIY ideas will help you keep your home looking clean and organized.

Under the Bed

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, the space under your bed has potential to become one of your most useful hidden storage spaces. Stackable drawers can house extra blankets, pillows and linens, kids’ toys and craft supplies. Clear plastic totes work well for storing rarely used items, such as out-of-season clothes, holiday decorations and gift wrap.

Large containers also work for storing memorabilia, such as old photos and family keepsakes. If you’re storing valuables, choose acid-free boxes to protect them from deterioration.

Above the Door

The space above doors is often overlooked, but a DIY shelf can make use of this area to hide extra blankets, pillows and other clutter. This clever idea also makes a great option for closets to store extra hangers and accessories.

Adding hidden storage spaces to your home can be tricky for beginners, but these creative DIY projects help you achieve your secret stash needs. From hidden cabinets and compartments to hidden safes, these DIY ideas have you covered. Some ideas require a bit more skill than others, such as building a hidden cabinet that looks like a picture frame. Others are ready-to-buy products that save you time and effort.

Hollow-Core Door

Many interior doors are hollow-core, which allows them to be less expensive than solid wood doors. However, these doors are not a good choice for high-traffic areas of the home because they provide little in the way of privacy or security. A determined burglar can use a screwdriver, pry bar or fist to open these doors and steal valuables.

If you have interior hollow-core doors, consider decorating them with a secret storage space. Driven by Decor recommends drilling a hole in the top of the door and then using a metal tube that’s sized to fit in it. The tube can store jewelry or other small items.

Hallways and Entryways

Hallways and entryways are great spots for hiding storage, and simple solutions can turn cluttered hallways into organized spaces. Wall-mounted organizers like shelves and pegboards allow you to optimize hallway space without taking up floor area.

Hanging key holders and mail organizers near your entryway helps you stay on top of incoming items and prevents them from piling up in the hallway. You can also install a wall-mounted hook rail to help you efficiently organize coats, hats, and bags and keep them off the floor.

Adding a basket to the entryway is another practical and stylish way to store items and keep your hallway clean. Look for baskets that have labels to designate them for different family members or purposes.

Bathroom Mirror

Lighted bathroom mirrors offer an additional functionality of storage without adding clutter to your powder room. Look for a model with a ledge that doubles as a place to store makeup, toothbrushes, or other items.

A lighted mirror is also great for small bathrooms as the light it emits will make your space appear larger. Just be sure to use LED lighting for a safe, efficient, and natural-looking option.

Using hidden storage spaces in your house is an easy way to declutter and optimize overlooked areas of your home. You can even build cabinets that slide out or roll-out in unused spaces like narrow hallways and closets.


Whether you want a convertible couch that doubles as a bed for guests or just some extra storage in your living room, you can easily design furniture with hidden drawers for blankets, board games, and more. This easy DIY project can take just a few hours, and the plans come with all tools needed to build your new furniture.

Use dead space underneath your stairs by converting them into pull-out drawers. This is perfect for storing toys, mats, and other items that cannot fit in a closet or on top of cabinets.

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