Discover Hidden Gorge in Oakland, NJ

Discover the average home value for houses on Hidden Gorge in Oakland. Research who owns properties on the street and uncover details about property tax, mortgage history and deed records. View property info including photos, floor plans and more. Compare nearby roads to Hidden Gorge to see how competitive the market is.


The price of 2 hidden gorge oakland nj is based on recent sales of similar homes in the area. Homes on this street tend to sell for about 5% above asking price. Homes on this street rarely stay on the market for more than 52 days.

Find detailed information on nearby streets and neighborhoods. Find average home values, the number of active real estate listings, nearby schools and more. Click on a street name to discover property details, photos and more.

The average home value on Hidden Gorge is $819,566. Homeowners pay an average of $22,293 a year in property taxes. The average lot size is 0.83 acres and the average build date is 2003.


Find residential property details like year built, lot size, price per square foot, and more for 1 hidden gorge, oakland, nj 07436. Browse through photos, listing agent contact information, and property assessment data to discover homes that fit your needs.

The average home value on Hidden Gorge is $819,566. The average lot size is 36,285 ft2. Find who owns the properties and uncover additional property information such as mortgage information, deed records, and property tax. Compare properties nearby to get an idea of the average home values in the area.

Looking for a single-family home in Oakland? Check out the property at 3 Hidden Gorge. This home has 4,543 sqft of floor space and was built in 2004. Property trends are provided by third party sources.


The neighborhood of 2 hidden gorge oakland nj is very popular and has above-average property values. It is also close to shopping, restaurants, and schools. The area has a large percentage of married couples with children. It is a competitive market, with homes going pending in about 52 days. According to Redfin, the median home value in this area is $819,566.

Learn more about houses for sale on Hidden Gorge by browsing real estate listings. You can search for properties based on price, number of bedrooms, and square footage. You can also find out who owns each home, as well as the property tax and mortgage information. You can even view pictures of each house. If you’re thinking of moving to Oakland, consider looking at these properties on Hidden Gorge.


Discover properties on Hidden Gorge in Oakland, New Jersey. Find who owns the property, available contact information, deed records and mortgage transactions for houses on Hidden Gorge. The average house price on Hidden Gorge is $819,566 and the typical lot size is 0.83 acre. Houses on this street typically have 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Get property details for 2 hidden gorge oakland nj including price per square foot, number of beds and baths, and more. Compare with similar homes nearby. Find out how competitive the market is for this home.

Are you considering buying a home on Hidden Gorge? Learn about local market competition in this area by viewing real estate price trends. Homes in this neighborhood typically sell for close to list price and go pending within 52 days. Is it a good time to buy? Find out by comparing the home’s price to its estimated value. Also see what other homes on this street have sold for.

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