Hidden Ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is a creepy show that affects the audience on multiple levels. It’s scary through jump scares and eerie imagery but it also deals with characters struggling to cope with their trauma.

It’s easy to spot some ghosts, but others are more subtle. Some Internet sleuths have discovered dozens of hidden ghosts lurking in the dark backgrounds of the show.

1. The Bent-Neck Lady

There’s more to Hill House than the ghosts, however. The show also features several hallucinations that can’t be attributed to the house itself, including a ghoul that haunts Nell. She’s called the Bent-Neck Lady because her neck was twisted disturbingly to the side.

If you’re still spooked by The Haunting of Hill House, watch it again to see these hidden ghosts.

2. The Tall Woman

This modern reimagining of Shirley Jackson’s novel follows the Crain siblings: horror author Steven, mortician Shirley, semi-psychic Theodora, and addict Luke. The family moves into Hill House and begins to experience hauntings.

Through the wide and sweeping shots, several ghosts creepily hide in plain sight. One such ghost is the Tall Woman, who haunts Nell throughout the series. She can be seen in the kitchen behind a cabinet.

3. The Man Under the Ladder

The Haunting of Hill House had everybody talking this week, and for good reason. The Netflix original is a slow-burn thriller full of terrifying secrets, and the show’s creator Mike Flanagan hid dozens of ghostly figures in plain sight throughout the ten episodes.

During episode seven, when Hugh is attempting to find his way into the Red Room, a ghost watches him from behind the doorway. It’s the same clock-repairman ghost seen in a previous episode.

4. The Man in the Archway

The Haunting of Hill House follows siblings who lived in what is considered America’s most haunted home. Now adults they return to confront the ghosts that haunted them as children.

And it seems like the specters aren’t done with them just yet. Creator Mike Flanagan teases that there may be even more hidden ghosts to find. One of them is lurking behind a staircase banister in Episode 9. Watch it around the 35:30 mark to see him.

5. The Woman in the Red Room

Though not technically hidden it’s still a blink and you’ll miss it moment. When Shirley and her mom are discussing their dream home the camera moves to a wide shot of a kitchen and there’s a ghost lurking in the archway.

Throughout the show a number of unnerving ghosts lurk behind furniture and in doorways. Check out this video to see them all.

6. The Ghost in the Living Room

The Haunting of Hill House was one of the most creepy shows to hit Netflix this Halloween. The series was a masterful work by creator Mike Flanagan, and it was full of hidden ghosts that you had to look hard to find.

For instance, when Nell and Luke discuss the funeral home, there’s a ghost in the background watching them. You just have to squint really hard to see it.

7. The Ghost in the Kitchen

While some ghosts are hard to spot, others require a lot of squinting. When Luke and Nell play with the house’s speaker, a ghost can be seen watching from behind a kitchen cabinet.

This modern-suited ghost appears to toast Shirley Crain at random moments. It’s a very creepy image that can be seen around the 38-minute mark.

8. The Ghost in the Staircase

The Haunting of Hill House has been scaring the hell out of viewers. The Netflix series has so many jump scares and lingering dark figures that it’s been reported some people are passing out while watching it.

Mike Flanagan and his crew clearly had fun hiding ghouls in the background of wide shots throughout the show. Some of the hidden ghosts are obvious while others require extra close viewing.

9. The Ghost in the Bathroom

It seems like no one escapes the spirit world of Hill House. Even when Theo tries to get away from it all in Episode 9 she can’t seem to avoid ghosts. As Hugh gathers Nell and Luke in a hallway a long haired ghost is seen lurking in the background behind them.

There are dozens of subtle ghosts hidden throughout Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House. Some you may have missed because of the wide and sweeping shots but they’re there.

10. The Ghost in the Bedroom

The Haunting of Hill House has already scared the hell out of viewers, but it looks like we might not have seen all of the ghosts. Showrunner Mike Flanagan revealed in a recent interview that there are actually ghostly figures hiding in plain sight throughout the entire ten episode series.

Thankfully, there are several ways to spot them. Just make sure you crank up the brightness and squint real hard.

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