A Hidden Haven

The perfect getaway for all the family. Spend the summer lounging on the private lakefront, soaking in the hot tub, or dining al fresco. Come the cooler months gather around the firepit and enjoy a night of storytelling and s’mores.

Buddy and Micah are high school sweethearts who bought the property to share their love of the outdoors with family and friends. They also own Patrick Roll Off, a waste removal business.

The Estate

While today the word estate mostly means a massive house on a huge piece of land, it can also mean all someone’s belongings (i.e. his entire collection of stuffed raccoons). In the 17th century, an estate was an assembly of three social classes, the clergy, nobility and commoners. Each was given one-third of the vote in the Estates General, despite massive differences between their populations. This led to the Third Estate demanding more rights, which eventually resulted in them leaving the meeting and forming a National Assembly—the first step toward the French Revolution.

The architectural, sculpture, planning and craftsmanship that went into the creation of this estate is still evident in its many Old World features. It is truly a hidden treasure. It is worth your time to visit.

The Cottages

When most people think of cottages, they picture cozy wood-sided houses on the beach or quaint thatched-roof homes in the English countryside. But there is a lot more to cottages than just the look, and they can be found all over the world.

Despite being so close to the water, the cottages were not always safe from erosion. In order to protect the cottages and their tenants, Joe had a sea wall built in the mid 40s that protected them from further damage.

The life at the cottages also echoed that of Hailsham, with students encouraged to pursue academic interests but not held accountable for their progress by their guardians. The cottages were less supervised than Hailsham, with sporadic visits from Keffers replacing the constant surveillance of their guardians. In addition, the students’ connections with Hailsham began to erode as the final essays they were assigned became less of an important focus for them. In fact, many of the students opted to not keep their collections after they left the cottages.

The Trails

For generations trails have shaped American landscapes and history. From 19th century lyrical musings by Henry David Thoreau to Cheryl Strayed’s popular Wild, trails are as relevant now as they were centuries ago. They help people reconnect with nature, experience the outdoors and express cultural values.

In addition to connecting communities, trail users benefit from a myriad of health and economic impacts. Studies show that home values increase near trails, local businesses thrive and communities are happier and healthier when they have trails.

Today, there are 19 federally recognized trails stretching from 54 to 5,000 miles across the country. Whether retracing the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, for the Civil Rights March or visiting sites along the Oregon Trail, travelers can see wheel ruts, explore museums and visit monuments as they walk the footsteps of those who have gone before them.

The Events

Buddy and Micah are brothers who grew up together and have always understood the importance of family. They moved their families to this beautiful property and have worked hard to preserve historic details while updating the home with high-speed internet, smart TVs, five large bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and bar, four deluxe bedrooms and more.

This cabin is perfect for families and sleeps 10. There are two large king rooms and one bunk room all with artist decor, comfy bedding, and a mounted Smart TV. A fully stocked kitchen features gorgeous countertop, a gas stove, new stainless steel appliances and a Keurig combo coffee system. The open concept floorplan makes it easy to gather around the table and bar for meals or games of pool or a board game. Guests can also take advantage of the screened in porch and outdoor fire pit for a relaxing evening outdoors.

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