Hidden House Key Ideas

When hiding a spare house key it’s important not to keep it in an obvious spot. After all, burglars can easily find keys under the doormat or a rock near the front door.

Instead, try one of these hidden house key ideas that will confuse anyone with harmful intent.

1. LB Fitting

One of the best places to hide a spare house key is under a rock in your backyard. Just make sure it is not obvious that the rock is there, and it isn’t too close to any entrance to your home.

Another great place to hide a spare house key is under your patio or deck. You can use an outdoor ladder to get down to it, and if you choose the right spot, it will be out of sight of most people.

You can also put a key under a drain cover in your yard. Just bury it and then cover it with garden decor to make it look more natural. You can even glue a rock to the top of an old pill bottle, and then drop your key inside. Then bury it in dirt to keep it from being spotted. You could also install false air vents that double as secret storage spots for keys and other items.

2. Birdhouse

One of the best places to hide a key outside is a birdhouse. If you choose a birdhouse that looks a lot like an LB fitting, burglars might not suspect it’s hiding anything other than a bird.

Another great option is a birdhouse that has an opening that can be screened off to conceal your keys. You might need to drill a small hole in the bottom of the house to fit your key, but the result will be a secret spot that isn’t easy for anyone to find.

These types of houses are also ideal for attracting birds, which is good for the environment and your home. Certain plants depend on animals to carry their seeds to new locations, and birds are great at this job. Birds eat insects such as worms, beetles, caterpillars, larvae, grasshoppers and ants, which helps keep pest populations at a minimum and ensures that plants continue to thrive. Fake rocks with hidden compartments are another common and relatively efficient place to conceal a spare key, but they can easily draw attention.

3. Raised Porch or Deck

A raised porch or deck is a great place to conceal your spare key because it’s out of the way. Just look for a corner of the structure and hammer in a nail to hang your key on it. This is a discreet way to keep your key safe and ensure that you can always find it when you need it.

If you don’t have a raised porch or deck you can still conceal your spare house key by using other garden decor items to hide it. For example, you can use a fake drain cap and bury the key inside of it. Then just tie the key to fishing line and pull it in case of an emergency.

Another great option is a soaker hose cap. This is a smart way to hide your key because burglars are less likely to be looking at your outdoor hoses for a spare house key.

4. Plants

Plants are a common feature in many garden areas, and some can be used to conceal hidden house keys. This holder, for example, looks like a real sprinkler head but is actually designed to hide your key. While someone opportunistic looking for a spare key might look under your doormat or in the obvious rock by your front door, they’re less likely to comb through rocky flower beds for it!

The other problem with this kind of hiding spot is that it’s not very easy for a dog walker or other regular visitor to access quickly. And if there’s a heavy rainstorm while you’re away, your key could dislodge from its spot and be washed off into your yard where anyone can find it. That’s why it’s important to make sure that whatever location you choose is both secure and convenient for a visitor or pet sitter to retrieve.

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