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Mita Mahato
cut paper | collage | comix

ARTIST STATEMENT: I love paper. I love cutting, pasting, touching paper. (I hope reading that sentence gives you the urge to touch some paper—any paper.) This blank material we use as the foundation for our stories, paintings, drawings, memories, and dreams, is full of creative potential. As a cut paper, collage, and comix artist, I draw attention to the dynamic possibilities of paper by suggesting images and story through shapes, layers, and textures. In taking up primarily discarded materials (the morning newspaper, gift-wrap, maps, advertisements) and renewing and transforming them through paper-making and collage techniques, my work explores themes of loss (of life, land, language, identity, habitat) and how we might reframe that loss through acts of cutting, pasting, touching.

2017- Lead Organizer, Comics and Medicine Conference: Access Points, Seattle
2016- Teaching Artist Facilitator, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
2016 Organizer, “Public Art: Planting Seeds, Setting Fires” (Artist Panel), Kittredge Gallery, Tacoma
2016 Organizer, “Double Visions: Interview with Ricardo Cavolo,” Kittredge Gallery,  Tacoma
2014- Board Member, Short Run Seattle (Board Chair, 2016)
2014 Senior Project Mentor, Highline High School, Burien
2012- Discussion Facilitator, Tomlinson Seniors Group, Tacoma
2005- Associate Professor of English, U Puget Sound (Visual Studies, Cultural Theory), Tacoma

2017 “Paper-making with Mita Mahato” Short Run Summer School, Seattle
2017 ArtVenture: Cosmos Crawl, Henry Art Gallery (family book-making workshop)
2017 “Practicing Graphic Medicine” UC Riverside School of Medicine (3-week workshop seminar)
2017 Henry Teen Collective, with E.T. Russian, Henry Art Gallery (zine tutorial)
2016 ArtVenture: Shred, Stretch, and Sculpt!, Henry Art Gallery (family art workshop)
2016 WSU, Cartoonists Northwest opening reception (comics workshop)
2016 ArtVenture: Comic Power, Henry Art Gallery (family comics workshop)
2016 Arty Party, Henry Art Gallery/Henry Teen Collective (disguise-making)
2016 Creativity Inspiring Conservation, Seattle Aquarium (cut paper, paper-making)
2015 University of British Columbia, “Introduction to Graphic Forms” (Sarah Leavitt, Professor of record), Vancouver (comics)
2014 Creativity Inspiring Conservation, Seattle Aquarium (cut paper)
2014-2015 Seattle Zine Project (comics)
2014 Comics and Medicine, Baltimore (book-binding)
2014 Evergreen State College, “The Art of Etymology,” with Kelly Froh (Emilie Bess, Professor record), Olympia (comics)

Artist Lectures
2017 UC Riverside, “Art and Comics in the Time of Trump: Why I’m Going to Sea,” Riverside, CA
2016 WSU, “What is Graphic Medicine?”
2016 Robinson Center, “Cut Paper Comics,” (Michelle Penaloza, Teacher of Record)
2015 University of British Columbia, “These Frames are Hiding Places,” Vancouver
2014 UC Riverside, “These Frames are Hiding Places,” Riverside, CA
2013 Short Run Seattle, “Drawing Blood: Comics and Health,” Seattle

2017 Artist Panel, “Place as Character with Emil Ferris, Sophie Goldstein, Laura Knetzger, and Mita Mahato” CAKE, Chicago
2017 Discussion Facilitation, “Cinema Dissections,” SIFF, Seattle
2016 Artist Reading, “Casseroles, Collages, and Creeps,” Scablands Lit, Spokane
2016 Artist Tour, Seattle Art Museum’s “My Favorite Things,” Graphic Masters exhibit, Seattle
2015 Artist Reading, “September and other dreams,” Lit Crawl, Seattle
2015 Artist Panel, “The Local Indies Comics Community,” Geek Girl Con, Seattle
2015 Artist Reading, Paper Cuts, Culver Arts Center, Riverside, CA
2015 Artist Reading, Dream Sequences, New Tomorrow, Seattle
2015 Artist Reading, “Ash” (graphic memoir excerpt), Seattle Public Library
2015 Artist Reading, “Ink” (graphic memoir excerpt), Olympia Public Library
2014 Artist Reading, “A Story Begins” (graphic memoir excerpt), Black Coffee Co-Op, Seattle
2014 Artist Panel, “Re-Imagining Text and Image,” University of Puget Sound
2013 Artist Panel, “Visualizing Story” King’s Books, Tacoma
2013 Artist Reading, “Roots,” Laydeez Do Comics, Chicago Branch

2017 Art To Read, SOIL Gallery, Seattle (curated by Short Run and Jessica Hoffman)
2017 Paper Cut, Antenna Gallery, New Orleans (curated by Jessica Hoffman)
2016 Alternative Comics Exhibition, Washington State University Museum of Art (curated by Zach Mazur)
2016 Guilty Pleasures, Essentia, Seattle (curated by Maxx Folis)
2016 Ghosts of Seattle Past, Love City Love, Seattle (curated by Jaimee Garbicek)
2015 Comics and Medicine, Culver Arts Center, Riverside, CA (curated by Juliet McMullin)
2015 Make.Shift Art Space, Bellingham, WA
2015 Wonder Women, Warlock Labs, Seattle
2014 Comics and Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medical School Pre-Clinical Teaching Building, Baltimore (curated by Lydia Gregg)
2013 Graphic Novel Northwest, Art Gallery at Shoreline Community College, Seattle (curated by David Lasky)
2013 Marathon, Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, Seattle (curated by Larry Reid)
2013- Phoenix Project: Surviving Cancer, traveling exhibit: Firth Court (University of Sheffield,UK); Sheffield Cancer Research Center; AHRC Creative Economy Showcase (London)

2017 In Between: Poetry Comics by Mita Mahato, Pleiades Press (Kathryn Nuernberger, Ed).
2017 “For You Blue,” Seattle Weekly, June 28th (Kelton Sears, Ed.)
2017 “Blue,” self-published mini-comic
2016 “Patterns,” self-published mini-comic
2016 “Reflections on Seattle’s Fall,” Seattle Weekly, September 28th (Kelton Sears, Ed.)
2016 “Caws #1,” self-published mini-comic
2016 “Fish and Chips,” Seattle Weekly, May 18th (Kelton Sears, Ed.)
2016 “Chicken,” Seattle Weekly, January 6th (Kelton Sears, Ed.)
2015 “Sea,” Self-published mini-comic
2015 “Nightmare,” Self-published mini-comic
2015 “Hitched,” Self-published mini-comic
2014 “Sometimes You See Only What You Want to See,” Self-published mini-comic
2014 “Old Growth,” Self-published mini-comic
2014 “Fruit,” Self-published mini-comic
2013 “The Salmon,” Self-published mini-comic
2013 “Cancer,” Drunken Boat Literary Arts Journal no. 17.
2013 “Roots,” Self-published mini-comic (graphic novel excerpt)
2013 “Small Steps,” Self-published mini-comic
2013 “Unidentified Fluid Object,” Self-published mini-comic
2012 “At Least Stay Close,” Self-published mini-comic
2012 “Life Lines,” Self-published mini-comic
2012 “Unidentified Feeling Object,” Self-published mini-comic
In progress:   These Frames are Hiding Places, full length graphic memoir

2017 “Depth,” Cold Cube Anthology #3, Cold Cube Press, forthcoming
2017 Graphic Medicine #1, Editor
2016 “Forty-Two” (with Kelly Froh and Emilie Bess); self-published mini comic
2016 “Lucky Devil,” Ghosts of Seattle Past, Ed. Jaimee Garbicek, Chin Music Press (forthcoming)
2016 Red Eye, Co-Editor (with Eroyn Franklin and Jon Horn), Short Run Micropress
2015 Bloody Pussy, Co-Editor (with Eroyn Franklin and Kelly Froh); solicited for inclusion in the archives at the Library of Congress
2015 “Toxic Shock,” Bloody Pussy: A Feminist Rag
2013 Ivy Zine, with MK Czerwiec

2017 Arctic Circle Residency, Svalbard
2017 School of Medicine, UC Riverside, Artist in Residence
2017 Trailer Blaze Residency, Short Run Seattle
2016 Cartoonists NW Golden Toonie Nomination
2016 Cartoonists NW Toonie Award, “Sea”
2016 Trailer Blaze Residency, Short Run Seattle
2015 Library of Congress solicitation for Bloody Pussy: A Feminist Rag
2015 Trailer Blaze Residency, Short Run Seattle

2017 CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comix Expo), Chicago
2016 Short Run, Comix and Arts Festival, Seattle
2016 Seattle Art Museum Graphic Masters Zine and Print Fair, Seattle
2015 Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, Seattle
2015 BellCAF, Bellingham
2014 Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, Seattle
2014 CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comix Expo), Chicago
2013 Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, Seattle
2013 Stumptown, Portland
2013 CAKE, Chicago
2012 Short Run Comix and Arts Festival, Seattle

The Stranger, “Ghosts of Seattle Past Creates Art out of Seattle’s Favorite Pastime,” March 2, 2016
Seattle Review of Books, “Short Run for the Long Haul,” November 2, 2015
The Stranger, “Short Run Festival Spotlight: Mita Mahato’s Cut-Up Comics,” October 29, 2015
The AV Club, “Comics Panel” (Bloody Pussy Review), October 6, 2015
Graphic Medicine, “Bloody Pussy: The Interview,” September 16, 2015
Short Rundown, “New Release Spotlight,” June 23, 2015
Bitch Media, “Six Great Small Press Titles to Seek Out,” November 5, 2014
Comics Reporter, “Go Look: Mita Mahato,” September 25, 2014
The Comics Beat, “CAKE Report: Indie Comics Go to Chicago,” June 4, 2014
The Globe and the Mail, “Graphic Medicine in Photos,” August 10, 2012

All contents copyright Mita Mahato 2016. Use and/or duplication of any material on this website without express and written permission is strictly prohibited.  

Recent Posts

In Between announcements!

In Between (Pleiades 2017) made its debut at the seventh annual Short Run Comix and Arts Festival this last Saturday, along with incredible new work by many others (highlights for me include Robyn Jordan’s “Whose Embryos” and Alexandria Grace Vickery’s “Thin-Skinned”). This year’s festival was a huge success and I was so proud and honored to have been a part of it.

Now that In Between is out in the world, I wanted to provide some information about scheduled upcoming events, related exhibits, and press (see below). I will be updating information as I learn more. In terms of the book itself, if you’d like to purchase directly from me, your copy will come signed with some additional cut paper treats. If you don’t order from me, please support your local bookstores and make requests from them. And for those of you eager to know how the Arctic Residency went, I will be creating a separate post soon. Thank you for following and for your support <3

11/10/2017 Book launch party at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, Seattle, WA.
12/15/2017 Reading at Elliott Bay Books with poets E.J. Koh, Jane Wong, and Montreux Rotholtz, Seattle, WA
3/1/2018 Whitman College, Visiting Writers Series, Walla Walla, WA
4/6/2018 Keynote Speaker, Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, Gainesville, FL
10/18/2018 Reading, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO
10/19/2018 Reading, The Writer’s Place, Kansas City, MO

Exhibits (featuring original art from In Between)
Art to Read (group show), SOIL Gallery, Seattle WA

Marathon (group show), Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, Seattle WA

Seattle Weekly
Seattle Review of Books
The Stranger (starred event)

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