Hidden Spaces of House

Whether you want extra storage space, a private hideaway or somewhere to watch your kids play — a secret room adds an element of fun and surprise to any home. Designed by luxury custom home builders, these secret rooms are sure to impress and inspire!

We’ve all seen computer programmers and hackers on movies or TV show have cool home offices. These secret spaces are just as cool, and much more useful!

Storage Space

No matter how large or small your home is, there are likely nooks and crannies that are not used to their fullest potential. Whether they are under stairs, in corners, in attics or behind doors, these areas can be transformed into additional storage, a reading nook or even an office space. These covert spaces are much more functional and visually appealing than bulky storage systems and will help keep clutter out of sight without taking up valuable floor space.

One easy way to add hidden storage is by repurposing an old armoire. Paint the outside to match your decor and use the interior for a home office or mudroom. For extra security, hang a picture over the opening and choose one that is large enough to obscure the entire opening on each side. The fewer people that see your secret, the more it will remain a hidden space!

Panic Rooms

A panic room, also known as a safe room, is a space people can hide in during home invasions or other dangerous situations. It is typically stocked with supplies to keep occupants alive and comfortable for a few days, including canned food, water and blankets. It can even be equipped with plumbing and toilet facilities for prolonged stays.

The rooms are usually made of concrete or composite material and built with a door that can be locked from both sides. They may have biometric entry systems like a fingerprint scanner, retina scan or iris recognition. They also come with a phone that connects to emergency services.

Many of these rooms are installed in high-profile homes, where people may fear robbery, kidnapping or gang attacks. But some homeowners use them as repositories for their collections of valuable objects like gold bars (to take advantage of tax breaks), art, stamps or high-end sneakers. They also make a great spot to stow away expensive watches, says Nosrati.

Home Offices

When it comes to work from home, a well-placed office can be a lifesaver. For some homeowners, this may be as simple as a quiet corner of the kitchen or spare bedroom, but for others, it can be an entire top floor of the house filled with the latest in computer and communication technology.

Home offices can be as subtle or elaborate as the homeowners choose, and they can even be hidden. For example, a bookcase on hinges can reveal a home office or media room that can be closed to shut out household noise when it is time to focus on work.

A secret movie theater, similar to the Batcave cinema described above, is also a fun way to entertain guests as they discover the slick opening in the wall of the house. If the space is not used frequently, it is easy to hide the telltale entrance with a rug to prevent the surprise from being discovered too soon.

Living Spaces

Generally, living spaces refer to those rooms within a house that serve for daily activities and residence and exclude garages, carports, porches, terraces, decks, patios, courtyards, greenhouses, bulk storage areas and attics. However, sometimes, it is nice to have a little extra room inside your home just for you and your family. A hidden space behind a bookcase or under the stairs is a great way to do that. You could turn this space into a wet bar for your guests or just a place to relax. You can also make it a playroom for your kids or a workspace for yourself.

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