Hidden Spaces in Houses

Hidden spaces are a fun yet functional aspect of luxury homes. Whether used for reading nooks or kids playrooms, these camouflaged rooms are a welcome addition to any home.

Reddit user Reptilesni recently asked readers if they had discovered secret passageways or rooms in their houses, and they shared some incredible stories that sound like film scripts!

Panic Room

The panic room (or safe room) is a hidden space that’s meant to protect you and your family during an emergency. It’s usually located in your home and resembles a standard room. Many politicians and celebrities have them installed in their homes, and they’re increasingly found in schools and houses of worship due to the active shooter crisis.

A panic room can be built into the house in a closet or cellar that’s been reinforced with concrete and steel, or it can be created as a separate structure that blends in with the rest of the home. It’s designed to look like a part of the wall so criminals won’t see it and think about breaking in.

Some people kit out their secret spaces with a host of tools for self-defense, including weaponry, first aid kits, and dehydrated food. But Nosrati says his clients also use their safe rooms as a way to stow valuables and even gold bars, which can give homeowners a discount on their insurance.

Secondary Door

In many houses, a secondary door can lead to a secret room, like this one in an old mill in the Netherlands. It’s a cool way to make a space for kids to play hide-and-go-seek.

Another cool hidden space is under the stairs. It’s an easy place to hide toys and create a fun playroom for kids.

Reddit user Reptilesni recently asked on the subreddit if anyone had found a secret passage or room in their house, and the responses were fascinating. People shared stories that sounded like they came straight out of a horror movie.

A lot of homes have spaces that go unused, such as the space beneath stairs. It’s a great spot to turn into a playroom or even a home office. It’s easy to do, just frame the area with 2x4s and add trim to give it a built-in look. Add a latch or hook to open the door and you’re good to go!


A hidden space can be anything from a small closet to an entire room. But one of the most popular ways to create a secret space is by using a large mirror. You can find a floor-length mirror at a home improvement store that can be hung in your house to cover a doorway to a secret room. It is a fun way to keep valuables safe and hidden from prying eyes.

Another option is to use a door that conceals a bookcase or cabinet. There are many pre-made bookshelves on hinges that can be installed by your custom home builder to hide a passageway in your wall. This is also a great way to hide valuables from burglars.

Hidden rooms and passageways have been used for various reasons throughout history. They were often used for security, like a panic room, or they could be for illegal activities, such as during prohibition when bootleggers and mobsters would use them to conceal their products. They have also been used to help slaves escape and for religious ceremonies.


There is a lot of unused space under staircases that is often a great spot for a secret room. It can be used as additional storage, a small office or even a wine cellar.

This hidden nook under the stairs is perfect for a themed playroom for kids. This could be a fun way to keep toys away from the main entranceway, and it will fire their imaginations too!

A reddit user posted these jaw-dropping images of a hidden passageway that they discovered in their new home. Inside, they found a double bed, student textbooks and pictures that belonged to a housemate named Jeremy.

If you are thinking about building a hidden room, it is important to make sure that the seams are well-concealed and that light does not enter into the concealed area. This will help your secret room stay hidden and safe for a long time. It’s also important to choose a location that is not walked by many people.

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