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Deciding to buy a new home is a major decision. There are many different things to consider, even before you start packing up your stuff.

Zillow puts FSBO sellers at a disadvantage, requiring them to use a special filter to see homes not represented by agents. The result is fewer views and potentially lower sales prices.

Why hide a home?

With mortgage rates still at record lows, it’s a good time to start shopping for your dream home. But it’s important to keep in mind that there are many decisions that must be made along the way, from deciding whether to buy or rent to selecting your mortgage provider. These choices can become overwhelming if you’re not careful. To help simplify the process, Zillow(r) has added a new search feature to its website and app that lets users hide homes that are no longer of interest. The “hide home” button can be pressed on any home listing page to prevent the property from showing up in future search results and can be brought back if buyers change their minds.

The new tool was designed to cut down on search time and will eventually improve overall personalization for Zillow users. It’s another example of how Zillow is reimagining real estate to make it easier than ever for people to unlock life’s next chapter.

How to hide a home on Zillow

Home shoppers can declutter their searches and save time with a new search feature that hides homes they have ruled out. Available on the Zillow app, users can simply press a button that prevents homes from showing up in future search results and can bring them back if they change their minds.

The tool is one of many new features on the Zillow site and app that help home shoppers move faster and more confidently through the home buying process. Other recent upgrades include a multi-location search and Homes to Compare, which helps buyers focus on homes that are truly a good fit.

Despite these features, there are some things you cannot remove from the site, including Zestimates, photos of your home and your address. You can, however, edit your home facts if you want to keep the property information private.

How to find a hidden home on Zillow

Zillow allows you to filter homes by your monthly payment, including mortgage principal and interest payments, property taxes, insurance costs and HOA fees. This will help you narrow your search to homes that are realistically within your budget and will update automatically as home prices or rates fluctuate.

Zillow also offers a number of tools and features to make the home buying process easier for you, including the ability to save searches and homes, draw a custom area on the map to limit your search results and use Homes to Compare to compare up to five properties side-by-side. Using these tools can make it more likely that you’ll find the right home in less time.

Zillow recently added a feature to its app that lets home shoppers hide properties they have ruled out, enabling them to declutter their screens and focus on homes that inspire them. The “hide homes” button allows users to press a button on the home listing page that prevents it from showing up in future search results, and can be brought back if they change their minds.

When to hide a home on Zillow

There are a few reasons why you might want to hide your home on Zillow. For example, if you’re in the process of selling your home and don’t want buyers to see the photos before it’s sold. Alternatively, if you’re co-shopping with a partner and want to limit distractions so you can find the right home for your family.

Using the “hide homes” feature on Zillow can help you get back to focusing on properties that truly inspire you and hone in on the one that’s right for your needs. The tool also helps cut down on search time and improves overall personalization for home shoppers.

If you’re a homeowner who wants to hide the Zestimate value for your property, you must claim ownership on the site and then follow the instructions for removal. Remember that the information on your property may be displayed on other real estate websites, so you should review those platforms for a similar removal procedure.

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