Top 4 Hidden Object Games on Steam

Hidden object games are a delightfully engaging form of gameplay that offers players the chance to find objects within a scene. Whether part of a series or standalone titles, these brain teasers are great for relieving stress and provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Many hidden object games also come with well-written lore, adding more depth to the experience. Some experts believe that playing these games can help develop grey matter in the brain, increasing memory, perception and control.

1. Microphone

One of the most iconic images associated with hidden object games is a microphone. From vintage Shure Beta 58A mics that rock singers have been singing and screaming into since the 1960s to omnidirectional, bidirectional, and unidirectional microphones, there are many different types of mics in use today.

Mics are important for audio in games, but they’re also a symbol of the way these games can help players focus their attention and train their brains to look for details. These skills are important for kids and adults, as they improve cognitive abilities and improve visual perception.

A number of developers are working to add stories to their hidden object games, enhancing the gameplay and helping players connect with the game’s characters and settings. For example, Pinngauq designer Talia Metuq used a story of Inuit mythology in her game to contextualize the act of searching. Other games, such as Big Fish’s Hidden Expedition series, have drawn on real-life historical events to entice players.

2. Cigarette

Hidden object games are a great way to kill time, but they also provide players with a sense of satisfaction when they solve one. Whether part of a series or stand-alone titles, these visual puzzles are fun for adults and kids.

Often, players are presented with images that contain objects of the same color or shape, or that are located in an area they’re “supposed” to be found. Other times, the object is hidden in a place where it doesn’t belong.

Hidden through time is a historically themed hidden object game with a doodle art style and fast-paced music. The gameplay can be a little busy with the movement of stick people in costumes from different periods, but the primary loop is solid enough to keep players engaged.

3. Football

Hidden object games fly under the radar on Steam, but they can be fun experiences when developers offer more than just a list of objects to find within a scene. Some of the best ones build a story line into the gameplay and implement additional challenges, like puzzles, into the mix.

Brave captain Aimee, her flamboyant bird Virgil, and their ragtag crew are in the middle of a swashbuckling adventure to solve a family mystery. Help them blast through puzzles and unravel hidden object scenes as they disrupt the plans of nefarious pirates.

Sometimes it can be tricky to spot objects in a scene — they may be hiding at the borders of items or within other similar-looking objects. To make it easier to find items, try searching for them by their most common color. For instance, if you’re looking for a red fire hydrant, search for cylindrical objects in order to find it faster than just searching for the word “red.” A football might look similar to a water pipe or a crowbar, so paying attention to those details is also helpful.

4. Keys

In hidden object games, players are expected to find lists of objects within a scene and move along the story line. Typically, these scenes are set in a specific environment such as a museum, an old house, or an abandoned hotel. The gamer may be tasked with finding items in a certain category such as keys, books or other small trinkets.

Many players enjoy playing hidden object games because of the creative ways they introduce new locations in the scene. The quality of the graphics is another major attraction for the gamer, which can enliven the plot and give the gameplay a special I Spy charm.

While hidden object games are not very common on Steam and tend to fly under the radar, it hasn’t stopped indie developers from creating some interesting experiences for this genre. Some use more creative techniques to make the game more interactive while others tell a unique story along with the traditional poking around.

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